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Vehicle 1309 Data Sheet (Mercedes  Sprinter)

Reference Number:  1309
Type of Bus:  Mini Bus
Seats:  22
Seller:  McCrae Buslines
Asking Price:  $30,000 +GST
Odometer:  309,454 km
Registration:  1GK90T
State:  VIC
Expiry:  May 2017
Body Model:  Mercedes  Sprinter
Serial Number: 
Silver Plate Date:   2006
Chassis Model:  Mercedes Sprinter 616
Chassis Number:  WDB9056132R853567
GVM:  6,000 kg
Red Plate Date:   2006
Engine Model:  Mercedes 
Engine Number:  61298151101249
Fuel Type:  Diesel
Horse Power: 
Location:  Front
Seat Belts:  Yes
Airconditioning:  Yes
TV:  Yes
Video:  Yes
Toilet:  No
Mercedes Sprinter (Mini Bus)


Manual transmission.
Toyota (Mini Bus)

2006 Toyota
13 seats.
AU $18,173 +GST

Toyota (Mini Bus)

2009 Toyota
19 seats.
AU $40,000 +GST


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