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Vehicle 1347 Data Sheet (Custom Coaches Mini Bus)

Reference Number:  1347
Type of Bus:  Mini Bus (25 Seats or more)
Seats:  29
Seller:  Stan Biega Bus & Coach Sales Pty Ltd
Odometer:  614,273 km
State:  Tasmania
Body Model:  Custom Coaches Mini Bus
Serial Number:  95-179
Silver Plate Date:  August 1995
Chassis Model:  Mercedes Benz LO 812
Chassis Number:  9BM688177SB044828
Suspension:  Leaf Spring
GVM:  7,500 kg
Red Plate Date:   1995
Engine Model:  Mercedes Benz OM 364A
Engine Number:  37A95020260730
Fuel Type:  Diesel
Horse Power:  85KW hp
Location:  Front
Seat Belts:  No
Airconditioning:  Yes
TV:  No
Video:  No
Toilet:  No
Mercedes Benz (Mini Bus (25 Seats or more))


This vehicle has been well maintained by a Tassie Operator. Would make a great Mini Bus For Clubs, Home or Food Van. We Ready to Go. This vehicle also has a Mercedes Benz G3/60-575 Transmission, 5 Speed. With Roll Top Seats, also standing for 11, Fitted with Boot. Front Door Access. Jet Air Conditioning, Radio/Cassette.
Fuso (Mini Bus (25 Seats or more))

25 seats.
AU $54,536 +GST

Hino (Mini Bus (25 Seats or more))

2008 Hino
26 seats.
AU $69,500 +GST


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