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Vehicle 1419 Data Sheet (Custom Coaches )

Reference Number:  1419
Type of Bus:  2 Axle Route Bus
Seats:  54
Seller:  Stan Biega Bus & Coach Sales Pty Ltd
Odometer:  730,927 km
Registration:  MO 981
State:  NSW
Body Model:  Custom Coaches 
Serial Number:  91-16
Silver Plate Date:  June 1997
Chassis Model:  CSEPEL 80095A
Chassis Number:  TRC684419T0107004
GVM:  16,000 kg
Red Plate Date:   
Engine Model:   
Engine Number:  21239531
Fuel Type:  Diesel
Horse Power: 
Seat Belts:  No
Airconditioning:  No
TV:  No
Video:  No
Toilet:  No
CSEPEL (2 Axle Route Bus)


EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST. Automatic Transmission. One door Low floor route bus with 53 Single Back Metro Seats, Trimmed in cloth 25 Standing. Regularly serviced and maintained. The Vehicle is being sold as it is now surplus to their needs. Please email for an expressions of interest form.
Volvo (2 Axle Route Bus)

1998 Volvo
46 seats.

Volvo (2 Axle Route Bus)

1995 Volvo
58 seats.


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