Advertising Checklist

Please use our checklist when submitting a bus for sale either through our Online Form or via the Print and Mail/Fax method. Going through this checklist before filling out the form will make sure you have everything we need and speed up the process.

If you require any help please contact Bus Sales Online on 02 9654 1648.

Vehicle Images

We will require 4 photographs of your vehicle:

  • Front near side photo
  • Rear off-side photo
  • Interior – looking from the rear of the vehicle towards the front
  • Interior – Looking from the front of the vehicle towards the rear.

Our Online Form allows you to upload photos electronically. These photos need to be supplied in the JPG format and a file file size no larger then 1Meg each.

Otherwise these photographs can be mailed or e-mailed to Bus Sales On-line. Please write your name and vehicles registration number on the back of each photograph or in the heading of the e-mail message.

What is a Dealer Sale Responsibility?

A dealer sale means that Stan Biega Bus and Coach Sales Pty Ltd will be actively searching to find a buyer for your vehicle. Also, as a licensed Motor Dealer the following transactions will be our responsibility:

  • vehicle titles
  • invoices
  • REVS certificates
  • registration transfers
  • receipts
  • delivery if requested

With a dealer sale, you generally sell your vehicle much faster and all of the details and paperwork are taken care of for you.

Please note : A commission fee will apply on the sale of the vehicle by negotiation. Plus the cost of advertising – $350.

What is a Private Sale?

A private sale means that you are buying the advertising services of Bus Sales Online to promote your vehicle for sale over the Internet – but not any of the other value-adding services that come with a dealer sale. Bus Sales Online will not take any commission fee for the sale of your vehicle. The only charge will be the $350 (including GST) listing fee. This means that you, the owner, are responsible for supplying the correct vehicle information. For example:

  • Registration Number and State
  • Chassis No
  • Engine No.

In a private sale you as the owner are responsible for sighting the Red Chassis Plate details and the Silver Body Plate details and making sure that they are correct. You are also solely responsible for a clear title to the vehicle and that all encumbrances are free. You will also be responsible for the cancellation or transfer of all registration transactions.

Private sales are best for sellers who would like to incur as little cost as possible and are confident of being able to handle the details of the sales transaction themselves.

If you need any further help in determining which kind of sale is best for you, please ring or email us at [email protected] for prompt assistance.

Payment Details

Once your information is received either by fax or online form, payment can be made by cheque or internet banking. You can request for our bank details at [email protected] after we have received all your paperwork.

Please post this checklist and your cheque to our postal address below.
P.O. Box 34
Kenthurst NSW 2156

Phone: +61 2 9654 1648
Mobile: +61 428 473 710
Fax: +61 2 9654 1253

Submission Details

We recommend printing out this form so you can prepare all the information before you fill in our online form.