Ever Wondered Where the Sydney 2000 Olympics Priscilla Bus Came From?

That day in March, 2000 was much like any other. As an international bus and coach dealer, Stan Biega was going about his daily routine delivering and registering a school bus for a customer in Bundaberg, Queensland, while back at the office in Sydney his wife Josie was taking incoming telephone calls and assisting with customer enquiries.

One call was a little unusual … a request from SOCOG for a replica of the coach used in the Australian movie “Priscilla – Queen of the Desert”.

No easy task, but Stan was able to hunt down a 1980 Denning that fitted the bill perfectly.

The next task was to do the customisations. Stan had managed many refits and refurbishments for customers who wanted their buses and coaches “just right” before sale – but this was a little different. It had to be stripped inside and out, re-painted, made completely roadworthy.

Before and After (and During) Photos

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Latest News – She’s Sold!

Priscilla has now been sold!  She’s going to start a new life as a motor home – which means that we still have the face and hair.